Blue Tyga

“We couldn’t find what we were looking for! So we created it.” ~ Blue Tyga 

The story behind Blue Tyga

The search for the perfect comfortable athleisure wear in India led us to the creation of the ‘Blue Tyga’.  

Blue Tyga came into existence in the millennial era of comfort fashion. 

Our aim was to find an innovative solution to the long-existing crisis of finding a premium quality athleisure brand that is both comfortable and reasonable in India. It was after several months of research development testing and trials, we were able to come up with our products.  

“One Brand for All”

We made a checklist of all the factors we look for in an athleisure brand. Blue Tyga followed every single one of them, making us stand out from the rest. 

Blue Tyga - The Athleisure Brand of India

People of India are far more advanced than they are given credit for! When it comes to athleisure, impulsive buying is not their style of shopping. 

Blue tyga conducted research and decided to present a brand that gives it all to them!

If you take 10 best standards to be an exceptionally good athleisure brand, 

We are 10/10 !! 

1. Hybrid Fashion 

    Blue tyga introduced athleisure with Hybrid fashion statements. Our outfits are designed in a way that is wearable for all daily occasions. You can wear it for formal and casual occasions i.e. office, dates, parties and of course to work from home!

    2. Vogue and Comfort

    Vogue and comfort is the No.1 factor that people come looking for in an athleisure brand  and we made sure that our outfits fit perfectly for the India weather condition and the dynamic trend.

    3. Premium Quality 

    Our premium quality functional fabrics are carefully chosen from the best of the best fabrics in the world! We wanted to make sure your favourite joggers, t-shirts, shorts, track pants stay durable and wearable for a long time.

    Our fabrics stay:

    • Comfortable
    • Soft as feather
    • Durable
    • Stain repellent
    • Anti odour 
    • Anti aging

    4. Reasonable 

    There is a misconception that premium quality products are always pricey! We decided to prove it wrong! We focused on quality and comfort rather than profit. It was our aim to give only the best at the most reasonable price. 

    5. Online Store 

    We also use advanced technology blended with AI & MI tools on our cutting-edge online store. It gives you a seamless shopping experience with an elixir of perfection. Our technology analyses shopping patterns and gives a personalised service to you. AI-integrated solutions to help customers have a better experience by suggesting the right size, suggesting colours that fit individual customers, and analysing patterns.

    With our online retail platform, we reinforce our commitment to a technology-centric approach to better serve customers across all regional boundaries.

    Our unmatchable customer service resulted in the creation of a BlueTyga community to facilitate the exchange of important comments, suggestions, and the establishment of a group.

    6. Sustainable Fashion 

    Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. We realise that it is our corporate social responsibility to share our part in the sustainable development of India. Our polyester products are made out of recycled PET bottle yarns. The goal is to close the textile loop & achieve zero discharge and zero waste. Reduced C02 emission with traditional dyeing process adds to the environmental safety.

    We take responsibility to save water & reduce pollution by minimising processes like yarn dyeing, which consumes intense water & chemicals. Due to all the environment safe processes and products, we promote a healthy lifestyle fashion through our brand. 

    7. Ethical Fashion

    We stayed true and transparent to our customers from the very beginning. We don’t use any hazardous chemicals in our fabric & production process that lead to allergic reactions, respiratory diseases or have the potential to cause cancer. 

    8. Minimalism

    Minimalism is the new aesthetics. What you see in our collection grid, the minimal colours and styles, are chosen by our customers based on studies and surveys. People who prefer minimalism prefer us because our fashion is Hybrid. 

    9. Fair Trade 

    We do our Business in a fair trade mode. It is all about improved social and environmental standards like reasonable pricing, safe working conditions, etc.

    10. Diversity/Inclusivity

    BlueTyga made sure that we offer diverse products for our customers, at the same time, keep a sense of inclusivity for all. Hybrid fashion and minimalism contributed towards being diverse and inclusive of all customers like men, women, kids etc. 

    Fitness & Work from home

    Our products are designed in a way that fits all your needs. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or you work from home, we got your back!

    Healthy lifestyle and fitness awareness are vital now more than ever. Fitness enthusiasts choose Blue Tyga because of the quality and comfort we provide. 

    Work from home is a part of the ‘new normal’ post-pandemic life we are leading. People working from home prefer outfits that suit their comfort, while keeping them energised and productive. This is where Blue Tyga Comes into Action as your saviour.

    The success and acceptance of Blue Tyga within its first year of launch crossed all our expectations. Our Research & Development team works hard behind the scenes to bring the most convenient and comfortable fabrics like bamboo cotton,supima cotton, banana fibre etc. to your wardrobe.


    “Our mission is your comfort”

    Make an impact in the lives of people by designing & serving the most comfortable products sustainably. 

    The Ambition

    Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of our customers and staff in a effective and long-term manner through selling our products. We are always conducting research and development to improve the comfort & convenience of our products without putting a strain on our clients' wallets. By localising global fashion in India, we seek to offer underserved Indian markets the greatest possible global fashion.

    With the Blue Tyga, we now have access to great comfort clothing that was previously only available in other countries.


    Blue tyga aims in bringing a fashion-cult of comfortable lifestyle in the global market.

    To represent Blue tyga as the face of Indian Athleisure brand internationally. 

    To bring not only innovative products, but also solutions in the field of apparel, cosmetics, home products etc. 

    Join us for a #comfort way of #active lifestyle everyday!!