6 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

We know that you love to wear a t-shirt and your wardrobe is filled with so many of it. T-Shirt is men’s most favourite casual wear. But we are here to tell you that if you wear your pairing with another cloth, it will make you look perfect and polished. You will also look suitable for many occasions. Read this article to know how you can pair up your comfortable t-shirt with bottoms or jackets that will give you a gentle look.

A plain white t-shirt is your best friend

We all have that plain white t-shirt in our wardrobe and you have worn it a hundred times. But let me tell you that try wearing it with blue jeans and add your favourite sneakers or boots with them (though I prefer sneakers). In this look, you are ready to go wherever you want. You can also experiment with wearing a white t-shirt with lightly washed jeans. If you want to add on a denim jacket with it, you are good to go for it. Even if you don’t prefer wearing a jacket, then also you are going to rock with this simple look.

Style up a performance t-shirt

If you think that in the gym, you don’t need to look good or you can’t look good, then you are wrong. Wear a t-shirt in the gym that goes with your personality. You can even wear your performance t-shirt when you are going for brunch at the weekend. You just need to pair that up with chino shorts or pants and wear your favourite sneaker with it to get the perfect weekend look. Also, you can try wearing a neutral colour jacket with it for a sleeker look.

Add a layer over your striped t-shirt

You might have some stripped t-shirt in your wardrobe that you mainly wear for a casual look. But do you that a stripped t-shirt can also give an office look. Wear your striped shirt with blue jeans or blue chino pants and wear a blazer on it. Then add your white sneaker with it and your cool office look is ready. You can also try wearing this outfit for your date night.

Henley t-shirt gives a polished look

If you only wear your Henley t-shirt only for casual purposes, then you are not using it right. A Henley t-shirt is way more polisher than a normal regular t-shirt. Because of its buttons in the front, it looks better than a normal t-shirt but gives you the same comfort. Add a layer on it by wearing a denim shirt or striped t-shirt and for bottoms wear a trouser under it and add a white sneaker for a complete look.

Nail it with a graphic t-shirt

We know that you have lots of graphic t-shirt in your wardrobe. But we also know that you don’t really think you can go outdoors to serve big purposes in those graphic t-shirts. But take this advice and wear your graphic t-shirt underneath your black puffer jacket or any other coloured puffer jacket for that matter. Wear a shirt under it and in footwear, wear a sneaker and congratulations, now you are ready to foe trekking.

Wear it with a nice trouser

You can experiment with wearing striped track pants or cotton track pants solid t-shirt with nice-looking trousers. If you have some fine trousers in your stock then you must try this outfit. But remember to match the colour combination of the t-shirt and the trouser perfectly. Wear a white sneaker with it to complete this look