The Perfect Polo

A polo shirt is a perfect casual wear for men, is it one of men’s favorite t-shirt since it was invented in the time of polo matches in the middle of 19th century. But the life of polo shirts has been changed a lot in past decades. Polo shirts are tennis uniforms for men now. But don’t think that a polo shirt can only give you a sporty look. If you can match it well, then -polo shirt can be your office look as well. A Polo shirt is a hit this season and is your friend in summer. We have charted out a list of top polo shirts that are rocking in this season.

The perfect fitted polo shirt should fit your body well and the outlines of your body should be understood underneath the polo shirt. In the early centuries, the sleeves of a polo shirt were long and loose but as per the trends of this season, the sleeves of a polo shirt should be short and it should fit well.

Polos are made of comfortable fabrics which will make you feel relaxed when you wear them. One can also say that in polo shirts fashion meet function because on one hand you are relaxed wearing a polo t-shirt and on the other, you look fashionable.

For a bottom to wear under your polo shirt can be short, denim or sometimes a printed swimsuit for a more casual look. Some new technologically advanced polo shirts can keep you two degrees cooler than the outside weather.

A polo shirt can also be your best travel partner. As it is made of soft materials, it will give you comfort while travelling. Also, a polo paired up with jeans is a perfect look for a weekend party. If you are thinking about what to wear in a pool party then a polo shirt paired up with a short can be the best attire for you. For your office wear a pair, a solid colour polo shirt or a microprinted polo shirt with chino pants.

As you are wearing a polo shirt in the summer, you can experiment with various colours, try wearing some cool colours as it will provide you with a fresh look in the summer. Polo can give you a comfortable yet sophisticated look. Most of the polo shirts are made with anti-odour technology that prevents bad odour in summer.

Stripped polos are something that never goes out of style. You can choose any classy looking striped polo shirt and pair it with chino pants or shorts. Pair it up with a leather boot and your classy office look is ready. Pastel colour polo is also a hit in this season as pastels give a fresh and soft look in summer. Pink hues are getting popular among men. So, a pink hue is a must-try for you, if you don’t have it yet in your wardrobe, then, get one. Most of the polo shirts are cut slimmer to give you a sleeker look. These polos are specially designed to wear on formal occasions, you can pair it with a chino short or a trouser and with a sneaker for the hit look.

Bold color polos are also one of the men’s favorites, Bold colour blocking polos are very trendy this season. Pair your bold colour polo with an athletic jogger or shorts for the next-level casual look. You can choose from all these options the polo for you. The new technological inventions in your polo shirt are a bonus for you. Pair your polos with Blue Tyga’s mens joggers or cotton track pants to experience the ultimate combo!