The best shorts to wear this season

Shorts are a great outfit for you to wear in summer and if you can pair them up well with other clothes rightly, then you can wear your casual shorts on many occasions. Shorts for men can be your better companion than jeans because you may not like to wear jeans in summer and if you are looking for an alternative bottom then here it is. We will tell you how to wear a short that will be fit for any occasion you go to.

The perfect fit

The length of your perfect short should be something around your knees. If your short is going below your knee-length, then it is not your perfect fit. A short should stay around your knee cap and sometimes you can also choose a short above your knee cap, depending on your choice. The best material for your shorts is cotton, but shorts made of linen are also preferable. Shorts are available in a variety of colours in the market. My favourite among them is chino shorts. Chino shorts can never go wrong. Keep a neutral colour chino short in your wardrobe and match it with any top. You can also keep classic colours like blue and brown chino shorts in your wardrobe and you can match them with a wide variety of tops. Chino shorts are available in different patterns and prints. Try some cool patterns or prints if you want to look fresh and cool. Shorts can give you a minimal and yet sophisticated look. Shorts are made of fine materials, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed in summer. Here are some tips for you as to how you can nail each look in your shorts wherever you go.

Style up a Chino Short

Chino shorts are made with cotton blend material which is comfortable and durable at the same time. You can wear a printed t-shirt upon it or wear a printed bottom down t-shirt with it. If you are wearing a printed chino then keep your t-shirt or shirt of solid colour.

Style up a Uniqlo Short

These shorts are made of breathable materials which will keep you comfortable in hot weather. These kinds of pants are ideal to wear in summer. Pair these pants with a bottom down shirt and you can choose a cool colour shirt to wear with these pants because these pants don’t come in a variety of colours. Usually, a neutral is preferred.

Style up a J. Crew Short J.

Crew is an American company and this company has its signature short which will give you the look of a prep school guy. The material of these pants is very soft and stretchable which keeps you comfortable. These shorts are advised to wear with a polo t-shirt and you can wear a white sneaker under it. These shorts have a signature khaki colour, so for a top, you can experiment with a blue, olive, white and black polo t-shirt. Also, do some experiments by wearing prints with it.

Style up a Cargo Short

The cargo shorts are usually preferred as sportswear to men, but if you can pair them well with another piece of clothes then you will be ready to not only gym but for many occasions. Cargo pants come in a variety of colours but grey cargo pants are trendy in this season. Pair it up with a plain t-shirt and a sneaker with it. You can also add up a bomber jacket upon it for a more hit look.

Style up a Swim Trunks

You may think that you can only wear a swim trunk for swimming but these pants can also be good outdoor wear for you.